Interim Service + MOT – FREE collection & delivery

Save time and money by booking you MOT and Service together at SAI MOT Centre - with a FREE car collection and delivery. Get your MOT for only £19.99 when you book a Full Service + MOT.


Interim servicing + MOT is the best way to extend the lifespan of your vehicle and ensure that faults are identified before they become serious issues. We offer a range of service packages to meet the varying needs of drivers with appointments available at our Wimbledon garage 6-days-a-week.

Interim Service + MOT at Wimbledon

Interim Service helps a high mileage user to maintain vehicle safety and reliability. Interim Service + MOT is ideal for those vehicles where the manufacturer recommends more frequent checks. This service helps maintain your vehicle and prevents unforeseen faults.

We recommend having an Interim Service every 6,000 miles or 6 months (whichever is sooner) to keep your car safe and roadworthy between full services.

Our Interim Service package is ideal for drivers who use their vehicle for regular, short journeys in and around town or for those drivers who have a high mileage and want peace of mind between annual services.

Interim Service + MOT: The price including all parts and labour will be £99.99. This estimate is for a interim service + MOT only (any additional work will be at an additional cost) and includes the following:

  • Instruments/Warning Lamps (Check)
  • Horn (Check)
  • Interior Lamps (Check)
  • Front Wiper Blades (Check)
  • Rear Wiper Blades (Check)
  • Direction Indicators/Hazards (Check)
  • Service Interval Indicator Reset (Reset)
  • Engine Oil Leaks (Check)
  • Engine Oil (Drain/Refill)
  • Engine Oil Filter (Renew)
  • Front Brake Pads (Check)
  • Front Brake Discs (Check)
  • Rear Brake Discs (Check)
  • Brake Linings (Check)
  • Tyre Condition (Check)
  • Tyre Pressure (Check/Adjust)
  • Tyre Tread (Check)
  • Battery Terminals (Clean/Tighten/Re-Grease)
  • Washer Bottle (Check/Top-Up)
  • Brake Fluid Reservoir (Check/Top-Up)
  • Power Steering Fluid (Check/Top-Up)
  • Cooling System (Flush)
  • Clutch Operation (Check)
  • Vehicle Handling (Check)
  • General Oil Used (Shell, Castrol, Mobil, QQQX)

+ MOT Testing